You might be surprised to know that a dentist is often the first person to spot a number of health conditions, including serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease. All told, more than 90 percent of the systemic diseases of the body are linked to symptoms in the mouth.

  • Red, sore, swollen gums of periodontitis (gum disease) are associated with heart disease and stroke.
  • Sore, pale gums indicate you may be anemic.
  • Bright red, spongy, inflamed gums that bleed easily can be a sign of leukemia.
  • Significant erosion of tooth enamel may signal an eating disorder such as bulimia, or gastric conditions.
  • If air blowing on your gums makes them bleed, you may be pregnant.
  • Bad breath, dry mouth, bleeding gums and receding gums are often associated with diabetes.
  • White spots and sores that don’t heal on your gums and other oral tissues can be signs of oral cancer.

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